Ok, so I’ve been bad, actually terrible about posting anything of late…. ok well within the last month and a half. Oops. Sorry folks. Shall we play a brief game of catchup? For starters, summer is over for me, even though it does not technically become fall until the end of the month. But, I am back to school now and have been since the end of August. So far so good. I really like one of my professors and the other classes seem pretty decent so far. I’ve been keeping busy with my course load as well as my internship two days a week. I’m interning at an auction house for the semester, which is great. It is very different from your typical business and I like it that way. I worked a preview for an auction today… jewelry and discovery (aka furniture and nick knacks) . Very cool, the jewelry was very popular. I’ve also been splitting my weekends between school- hanging out with my friends  here- and going to see Josh at his new apartment (he and his friends just got a nice new apartment, I’m sort of jealous). Ok, so that pretty much brings you up to date, on to other things.

Not too much else going on. Next week most of the shows start premiering so that should eat up a nice chunk of my free time (aka procrastination time). I’m really bad, I can spend hours procrastinating and TV, Stumbleupon, Facebook, and a good book do not help.  Oh speaking of good books. I’m currently reading Year of Wonders by Geraldine Brooks. It is really good. She writes very well and in an engaging manner which makes the book even more enjoyable than it already is. It’s all about an English village and how it copes when the plague hits. So a very pleasant historical fiction book.

And I know a few people care about musical theater, did you hear that Idina Menzel and Taye Diggs had a baby boy? His name is Walker. People Magazine already has a picture of the happy couple with their new baby, just click here to see it.

Ok, so that’s really all I have for now, but I’ll post again soon. Enjoy the nice weather while it lasts!


Wow, there’s only one month left in summer, where has summer gone? Well things have been fairly busy on my end… working, hanging out with the girls and Josh as well as making some weekend trips with the family. Overall its been a good summer so far. But its about to get very exciting. I’m almost ready to go back to school but at the same time not… I want to see my friends at school and maybe start one or two of my classes and I definitely want my part time job to end, but at the same time, going back to school means less free time, schoolwork and no more summer. So it’s a toss up.

But my part time job will be ending soon, yay! And I’ll be starting my  internship at the auctioneer company, so exciting! I can’t wait, I am really looking forward to it I think it will be a great time. There is a lot of work that has to go into this internship, I have to have a journal, a performance appraisal, and I have to write a term paper somehow relating my internship back to what I’m learning at school… whew I’m going to have my work cut out for me this fall.

The next few days are looking fun too… lots of socializing, we’re going to have a wine and cheese party tomorrow which should be a lot of fun. Also fantasy football is going to start soon so that is going to be a blast as well. Josh and I are going to be on a team together, however, we still need to come up with a good team name.

I wish the weather would get better, the sun and heat is nice, but we haven’t had much of it and this humidity is killing me. I managed to get to the beach yesterday which was awesome, however the threat of rain is not so nice, but on the upside of the rain, there are thunderstorms involved and thunderstorms are always fun 😀

Off to enjoy a good book, enjoy the sunny weather while it lasts!


So I managed to get four days off this week and head down to the cape with the fam and my friends from Canada.  Unfortunately it rained almost the whole way down, but as soon as I crossed the bridge, the clouds began to disappear and the sun started making an appearance. After nearly a month of rain, the sun has been so welcome in my days. The week was fun, we went and saw Public Enemies with Johnny Depp and Christian Bale, it was actually slightly disappointing, I expected much better from it. Don’t get me wrong it was good, and the cinematography was great, but I just expected so much more.  And finally I got some beach time in… I soaked up my vitamin D, got a little bit of color, it was sooo nice. Let me tell you, any time that I can get to just relax in the sun on a nice day is sooo worth it.

Ooo. I also finally ordered all my photos, or at least the good ones, so that I can put them into the new photo albums that I just purchased. I’m very excited and I can’t wait for them to get here. And tonight I had dinner with the girls, it was great.. good food and lots of laughs. So overall things have been pretty good recently, which is a nice change from the stress filled days of before.


Trying to find a summer job is probably my least favorite thing to do. I hate the monotony of trying to find that one company that will take a college student on for 3 mths  before they have to go back to school and pay them some decent (slightly above minimum wage) money. Well I have been pretty much out of luck all summer so far. Right now I’m trying to decide between two jobs that I’m not sure I even want to do. And my parents keep telling me: it’s only for two and a half months…. its just for a short time…. just suck it up.  There are ups and downs to both, and the one I’ll more likely end up with has more downs, oh well I guess…. and I found the perfect job, but it needed to be full time in August, but that’s when I start my internship, so that’s a no go. Anyways… job searching is not fun, especially for a summer only job, in this economy… companies don’t want us.  I know that I really shouldn’t use the blog as a space to complain… but sometimes you just gotta. Anybody else have job search horror stories or thoughts?


Ok so summer is in full swing now, and I’ve been bit by the lazy bug. I haven’t been posting, pretty much at all, and I haven’t been doing too much besides that. Oh well, still plenty of summer left to do things, right? So I have been telling myself for the past week that I’d start posting every day, or almost every day whether it is just random stuff or about something interesting I found/discovered during my laziness and I’d stop procrastinating on doing this kind of stuff… however, I kept saying, “tomorrow, tomorrow I’ll post”. Well “tomorrow” came and went already, several times over, but her I finally am, posting, at last.  So not too much has been up since I last posted. I have an internship at the end of summer into the fall. I’m technically employed at one retail store near me, however I might drop it for another one that I’d like better and I could do from school too. I had a birthday last week, yay me! Josh and I went in for a great baseball game, then met up with some of my friends for drinks at a nearby bar. All the girls finally managed to get together, at last, and we had a lot of fun. We have lunch plans for next Saturday, yay! And other than a massive  fight with my computer and Firefox, not much else is new (all those problems being resolved-hopefully for good *knocks on wood*)

Ok, so something interesting I found in my lazy stumbling through the internet…..
Fear of disease vs. death toll
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This graph pretty much expresses exactly how I see the world’s reactions to illnesses… especially the most recent Swine Flu. I think that people tend to overreact just a little and that is what causes such a stir. Not that the media helps much in situations like this. Any thoughts?


SUMMER!!! I am now just over a week into my summer break. Yay! Finally. It is such a relief to be out for summer at last. I was in serious need of a break. My exams went well, better than I actually thought, I did well in my grades overall plus I may have lined up an internship for the summer/fall… one that I really really wanted. And I am currently spending the week with Josh, as it is his senior week and he graduates this weekend… I’m so proud of him. We spent a day walking downtown, eating Ben and Jerry’s, and relaxing in the park in the sun watching the ducks and ducklings, which were so cute. Then yesterday we had crepes and took a short hike in the woods near his apartment, which was a lot of fun. Of course it was rainy today so we stayed in and watched movies. So when I get home I have to line up my stuff for this internship and just settle into summer. Hopefully the weather is nice again soon and we can all just sit back and relax. Enjoy.


Ok, some people may disagree with me on this little fact, but I can only see it as true , the bugs are some how drawn to me. First off, if you know me, you know I have an extreme dislike of spiders and most other bugs, but my most extreme dislike is of spiders. And I swear to you that the spiders and other bugs must attracted to me in some way, they must know that I don’t like them and so they come. I’m telling you it is the honest truth. Every summer when I’m by myself at my family’s summer home, the spiders are out in full force wandering around the house, taking over the kitchen sink and the shower. But, as soon as my dad comes down, they disappear not to be seen again til Monday morning when its just me and them again. Some people laugh at me and say that that can’t be true. However, take exhibit B, my room at school. It started with one little spider…. in the bay window of the room. Then I come back from Easter break and there is a wasp in my room. And it took forever to get rid of him besides the fact that I don’t know how he got into a closed room in the first place. Then I discovered the overly large spider on the window behind my desk. He is quite large and ugly, likes to bask in the afternoon sun…. but he will not go away. There is also the multitude of bees, wasps, and yellow jackets that fly around my window all day… every five minutes there’s another one. I figured, as long as I can see where the spider is, I’m ok. Then when closing the side windows in my room last night, I discovered another spider….

I am telling you people there is something wrong with this picture! The bugs are attracted to me in some weird way and they will not leave me alone! There is no other explanation for the multitude of spiders and bugs that seem to find their way into my living spaces! They know that I don not like them!

Ok rant done. The semester is finally coming to a close, of course not soon enough for my tastes. I am so ready to be out of here. I want summer so badly. Of course the recent weather has been a teaser of what is to come this summer, its been in the 80s the  past few days, so its been very very nice out… but very warm in the classrooms and library. We’re in our last week of classes and then its on to four straight days of exams and then I am outta here! I cannot wait. Summer… time with my chicas, time with Josh, beach time, relaxation… oh yea, and that little thing called a summer job, but that’s ok, we’ll forget that little detail. Can’t wait to be home and have everyone else home too so that we can have a great summer!

Well there are some last minute projects that need finishing, so I better get back to those, ugh. I just need to keep telling myself… “almost over, almost done, so close to summer”.

Enjoy the gorgeous weather everyone!


A word to the wise… If you are ever going to make margaritas, make sure that if the margarita mix has previously been opened, it has been refrigerated. If it has not been refrigerated, this can only end badly for all the parties involved. Thank you, this has been a public service announcement.


My favorite word “so” …. at least that’s how some people see it.

So, not too much interesting going on in my life. Trying to finish up the semester without falling flat on my face, I can not wait for summer, I wish it was here already. I want the warm weather, the sun, the beach, no homework or projects, time to spend with my friends since they’ll actually be around for the summer and so will I, yay! Only 9 days of classes left for me (this does not include the day off we have or my free Mondays) and then I get to go through the lovely process of exams, oh joy.

As the end of the semester is drawing closer, all business professors seem to have the same idea… let’s have a paper or a project due, we haven’t had one yet. I’m not quite sure why the entire business department goes through the semester with now papers or projects until the last two weeks of school, someone please explain this to me. So I’m getting a little but busy, while at the same time trying to find a way to ‘entertain’ myself for the summer and get work experience and/or money, aka trying to find some kind of job or internship. Have I mentioned how much I dislike looking for jobs? I had an interview this morning, I think it went well, but we’ll see.

This past weekend was Easter break, so nearly a week off for me, yay for Catholic school! I got to see one of my chicas which was great, we watched Moonstruck starring Cher and Nicholas Cage… not my favorite actors in the whole world, but I definitely enjoyed the movie. We also shared our pictures from our spring break trips which was a lot of fun. And Josh came home for the weekend to celebrate Easter and Passover, it was so nice to get to see him for the first time in  a while. We went and saw Demetri Martin, which was a lot of fun. We went with some of his friends, ate out, went to the show, then went out for snacks/drinks. Then the next day I went to his house for my first seder. It was very nice and it was nice to learn about the history behind Passover as well as learn the traditions. Then Easter was split between both of our families, which made it a little hectic, but it was fun. I had a great weekend at home and lucky me Josh is coming to visit again this weekend!

So…. not much else is going on, looking forward to this weekend and to the end of the semester, I can’t wait to see all my chicas again, they’re all too far away. But any who, time to return to the hum drum of homework. Ciao.


So my Internet is back! Well I hope it is *knock on wood*. So for spring break I went to Costa Rica for a my cousin’s wedding. My parents and I went and so did Josh, which was awesome. We had such a great time. The weather there was sooo much better than home. It was 90 degrees and sunny all the time, and nice and comfy at night in the 70s.  We were in Tamarindo, which is on the northern pacific coast of Costa Rica, about an hour drive from Liberia. When we were flying into Liberia, we flew over Lake Nicaragua, which was pretty cool, it is very large. My family (and Josh) and my extended family stayed in Villa Allegre. It was this cute villa right on the beach. There were three separate ‘villas’ that consisted of a master bedroom, a kitchenette, bathroom, and futons etc. We were in the Japanese Villa, kinda dark in the ‘living’ area, which is where the twin fold out beds were located for me and  Josh to sleep, plus there was a large futon and a balcony. Very nice, I loved the shower, I wish I had one like it. It was nice and bright  inside with one of the shower heads that ‘rained’ down on you sort of. Villa Allegre also had some rooms inside the main house, each room was different and each had its own name. So there was the Russian Villa, Carribe, and others.  Outside there was a nice porch area, where we had breakfast every morning at 8:30 sharp, very good, even if it was eggs every day (yuck!). There was always fresh fruit, my favorite being pineapple and there was always some kind of fresh baked bread too like banana bread. There was a gorgeous pool, shuffle board, and a tiki hut with hammocks and table and chairs, this is where we spend most of our time, just relaxing. And it was only a short walk down to the beach, which isnt just sand, the sand is on top of volcanic rock too, so it makes for an interesting landscape. There were beautiful sunsets to be seen from the beach, absolutely beautiful.

So the first few days was relaxing time. We took a tour of the estuary, riding up the river looking at the mangroves and the wildlife like crocodiles and egrets. Making our way farther in where we went on a short hike to see the howler monkeys, they were pretty cool, and very vocal. There was also the wild cow that we saw too. Then Josh and I went snorkeling on a snorkeling and sunset cruise. This was fun and a new experience for the both of us.

Then the wedding activities started. There was a fish fry for the family/extended family at our B&B, fresh fish and local dishes, it was delicious. A fun night spent talking and hanging out. Then there was a welcome reception for all the guests, they served a welcome cocktail, which was very yummy, and sushi, which was not so yummy, and I struggled with chopsticks. Then it was just dinner for my parents, me and Josh, this was nice. At this restaurant that we ate at, there are packs of raccoons roaming around, they act all tame, they jump up on tables and open sugar packets and look around for food from the diners, very weird. We ventured into town one day, that was fun, got some souvenirs and a sun dress and then had lunch. There was the rehearsal dinner which was fun. Then the wedding on Saturday, it was a beautiful wedding, it took place on the beach in a grove of trees, near sunset, trying to beat the high tide. The ceremony was beautiful and both the bride and the groom looked great. We then proceeded back to the ‘mansions’ where people were staying, because that is where the reception was being held. Yummy food, good music, great company, it was a lot of fun. And just before it ended, fireworks were set off over the beach, apparently a wedding tradition in Costa Rica, it was totally unexpected but amazing, they were professional fireworks, very cool. Then anyone who was up to it went off to the local discotec to party some more. It was a lot of fun, and it was also amusing to see some of my relatives in a discotec. The next day unfortunately meant the end of the trip and meant a flight back home. But over all I had an AMAZING time, it was great to see my relatives and spend time with them, introduce them to Josh, and spend time with him. It was a great time. Now here are some pictures for you to enjoy (Thanks to Josh for taking some of them!)